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JJ Abrams Talks ‘Fringe’, ‘Star Trek’ Sequel

Posted by Brian on 06/25/2009

JJ AbramsSource: SciFi Wire

If you didn’t already know, JJ Abrams is the man currently leading a geek takeover through Hollywood. Recently, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman spoke about how they might approach a sequel to the critical and financial juggernaut, Star Trek, and stated that they were exploring all possibilities of the new timeline they’ve created. “The great thing is we’re all open to anything,” Abrams said. “I think the fun of where we are with Trek is that it can and should just be fully explored. So I think to limit ourselves to only new adventures would be a mistake.” Orci and Kurtzman spoke, of course, of whether all the adventures would be new or if there would be altered versions of things we’d already seen, i.e. How would the Kirk/Kahn story play out in this universe?

It was also recently announced that JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise would be teaming up to produce a fourth installment of Mission: Impossible, but declares he doesn’t plan to direct. He didn’t plan to direct Star Trek either, and look how well that panned out.  “There’s no director attached to the movie yet,” Abrams said. “We’re just developing an idea, which I think is very cool, so we’re just starting it out, but it’s exciting. It’s a fun idea, and it’s always an honor to work with Tom. We would definitely produce the movie together, and details from there we’re still figuring out.”

Finally, Abrams touched on Fringe and how the reveal of the still standing Twin Towers (which made me go meh) would be addressed in the second season. “You have to watch to see how that plays out,” Abrams said. “That was a big decision for the show, because it was obviously a potential sensitive kind of choice. But I feel like, given what our story is, given the world of Fringe, I think it will be very satisfying.”

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