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Warren Ellis Announces New ‘Excalibur’ Project

Posted by Brian on 07/27/2009


Probably the busiest comic book writer ever, Warren Ellis was at Comic-Con this past weekend. His tweets in between his signings (“Stop watching me tweet!”, “Slashfilm are telling people I’m mean.”) were hilarious. Apparently in all the mega-movie chaos this past weekend (and because most of his stuff was for the Marvel Anime deal), Ellis didn’t bother to mention that he’s working on an “untitled Arthurian movie.”

That Arthurian movie just happens to be a new Excalibur project. Is it a remake of the original film or something entirely new? Details are skim at the moment as Ellis is only in the treatment phase right now. The film is being produced by Gianni Nunnari who previously optioned Ellis’ graphic novel Ocean, alongside Oliver Kramer and Craig Flores of Hollywood Gang Productions. I’d actually like to see the story of a young Arthur becoming King and building Camelot.


One Response to “Warren Ellis Announces New ‘Excalibur’ Project”

  1. manon jammet said

    on voit que cela et très réel….

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