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Stills: ‘Iron Man 2’ From SDCC

Posted by Brian on 07/27/2009

Iron Man 2Source: Comic Book Movie

Here’s a few pretty crap quality pictures from the Iron Man 2 footage that was recently shown at SDCC. None of Black Widow or Justin Hammer. Mostly just Whiplash, Tony Stark and the back of Nick Fury’s head, and a hazy shot of War Machine.

Whiplash Iron Man 2
Tony Stark Iron Man 2
War Machine Iron Man 2

Response to the footage has been extremely positive maintaining that the humor and characters have been kept intact. Jon Favreau’s becoming a really great director so I’m really excited to see him up the ante this time with more action.

2 Responses to “Stills: ‘Iron Man 2’ From SDCC”

  1. Iron Man Fan said

    I trust Favreau’s directing but, whoever did the casting for this sequel should really have read the comic books relating to the characters this time around. I love Don Cheadle, I do…but, he is NOT War Machine! And Mickey looks like he just stepped off of the set of The Wrestler. Oh well, at least District 9 is out this summer. That should make up for the expected disappointment of Iron Man 2.

    • Brian said

      I thought so too, but the footage actually looks pretty awesome. Mickey Rourke looks incredible with those whips. Scarlett Johannsen, however, looks like she was there just to increase tit count.

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