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Maurice Sendak Talks ‘Wild Things’, Spike Jonze

Posted by Brian on 07/25/2009

Where The Wild Things AreSource: Apple

Probably the only movie I’m anticipating even more than James Cameron’s Avatar is Spike Jonze’s adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic Where The Wild Things Are. Apple has posted a short piece in which Maurice Sendak talks about his great work, and his collaboration with Jonze. It’s a sweet, interesting little look at the dynamic between the two and there’s a few new shots tucked away in the short “interview.” With Avatar, Tron: Legacy, District 9, Alice In Wonderland, and Iron Man 2 taking up much of the post-Con conversation one film this film got a bit lost in the shuffle. However, reviews for the ten minutes of footage shown at Comic-Con have been extremely positive.

I didn’t actually read the book until last year, so I’m still a little fuzzy on why it was so popular and why it was so praised. I get it, but I don’t understand it? Anyway, whatever. What’s hard to love about a story where a little boy runs away to an island made of monsters where he is king? That story in Spike Jonze’s hands (who is probably closer to Peter Pan in spirit than Michael Jackson was ever able to force) is exactly why I’m excited. Working from a script by Jonze and novelist Dave Eggers, the story of young Max and his adventure in the land of the Wild Things is fleshed out into one of extraordinary wonder.

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