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Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins Go To ‘Mars’

Posted by Brian on 06/12/2009

John Carter Of MarsSource: THR

Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins, both previously seen in summer opener/complete disaster Wolverine, are set to star in LONG gestating adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough’s famous book series, John Carter Of Mars. Disney is prepping the film as it’s next big franchise ala Pirates Of The Caribbean.

The film is being directed by Andrew Stanton, of Finding Nemo and Wall-E fame. Stanton is the second Pixar director to make the leap to film, alongside Brad Bird who’s currently prepping his San Francisco earthquake film 1906. John Carter Of Mars centers on a civil war who veteran finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars, where his involvement with warring races of the dying planet force him to rediscover his humanity. The screenplay was written by Andrew Stanton and Mark Andrews with some revisions from Michael Chabon (Spider-Man 2).


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Pixar Making ‘Monsters Inc. 2’?

Posted by Brian on 06/08/2009

'Monsters Inc'Source: Jim Hill Media

Oh wow. Pixar was at this year’s Licensing International Expo to talk about their upcoming projects, and buyers have let slip to Jim Hill exclusively that Pixar has another sequel in the works. Which sequel you ask? I’ll give it to you straight from Jim:

“Though the buyers who attended these particular preview sessions were first sworn to secrecy by Disney officials, several immediately reached out to me afterwards to say how thrilled they were to learn that Pete Docter will be following up  Up with a sequel to Monsters, Inc.”

That’s right. Monsters Inc 2! Pixar can pretty do much whatever they want at this point, and I’d go see it. I simply can’t talk about the studio without gushing over them. They’ve announced their upcoming slate through 2012, so if Pete Docter started working right now the film would be on for 2013 at the earliest. From start to finish, it takes Pixar four years to make a feature. I’m excited at how amazing it would be after, because Docter’s grown so much as a director in the nine years since the first film was released. And what about seeing that room of doors again?! It will have been twelve years since the original, so maybe we’ll see an older Boo aswell.

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Movie Review: ‘Up’

Posted by Brian on 06/06/2009

Here’s my review for Pixar’s latest amazement Up. I mean, seriously. You don’t even have to read it. We all know it’s uber positive. Click the falls to get where we’re going!


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Casting: ‘Heroes’

Posted by Brian on 06/05/2009

Source: AICN / Ausiello Files / THR

AICN somehow got in touch with genius, Bryan Fuller, to inquire on his exact role in the fourth season of Heroes. It turns out he’s a consultant, the position he held in the first and third seasons, and NOT showrunner as I was hoping (praying) but there’s good news. “I’m developing a couple of TV shows to pitch to [NBC Universal next month.” Fuller is under contract for the next year and a half with NBC Universal.

New shows?! From Bryan Fuller?! AMAZING! I was hoping he hadn’t signed on to Heroes for the entire year. I’m glad to hear he’s still developing original projects. Television needs him. In addition to that news, here’s a breakdown of recent casting additions:

Darth Maul himself, Ray Park, will join the show with a sizeable arc. Park will next be seen as Snake Eyes in GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra. Deanne Bray (Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye, The L Word), whose part was specifically written for a deaf actress, joins the cast to play a love interest for one of the main characters. Rachel Melvin (Days Of Our Lives) has also joined the cast as another of Claire Bennett’s (Hayden Pantierre) college roommates, joining Madeline Zima who was announced earlier this week in a multi-episode arc.

Casting breakdowns are describing the characters as Carnival workers, i.e. “Knife Thrower”, “Tattooed Girl.” Among the casting calls was a search for “a middle-aged Eddie Izzard type to play the Carnival Barker, a smooth operator with a wicked wit” , a small character was set to grow over the course of the season. That fits Robert Knepper‘s casting to a tee. The consensus is that the new season will have a bit of a Carnivàle-esque theme.

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‘Up’ Easter Eggs Revealed

Posted by Brian on 06/02/2009

pixar-up-carl-fredricksen-singleSource: SlashFilm

I love Pixar. I mean, I really really love Pixar. They’re the best studio in Hollywood. They don’t just make good movies; they’re making the new Disney classics. The Lion Kings, the Aladdins, the Little Mermaids. Their films have more character and heart than most live movies and they’ve gotten effortlessly adept at not only inviting but involving you in the worlds of their stories. Their latest feature Up is no different.

A testament to both creativity and ambition, Up quite literally left me breathless. Seeing the film in 3-D doesn’t just take you along with Carl Fredrickson and Russell for the adventure of a lifetime, it makes you feel like you’re there. You believe that a house with 10,927 balloons is carrying you somewhere magical powered only by imagination. Hollywood could definitely use a little more f that.

Pixar loves to hide easter eggs in their films and Up is no less. SlashFilm has compiled an awesome list of a ton of easter eggs found in the film. So click the pink bear to find out who one of the main antagonists in Toy Story 3 might be!


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Trailers: Toy Story 3

Posted by Brian on 05/30/2009

CM Capture 1

Source: Apple

Pixar, aka the Greatest Film Studio Ever, have released the first teaser trailer for Toy Story 3. In keeping in line with the Pixar tradition of not revealing very much it really only lets you know that all the characters you know and love will be coming back. I did notice, however, that Bo Peep seems to be missing. Hmm.

Anyway, all that’s known about the plot right now is that that the toys are dropped off in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, leaves for college.

Toy Story 3 is being directed by Lee Unkrich, co-director of Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc. previously. The screenplay was written by Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine). The film premieres in digital 3-D on June 18th, 2010.

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