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‘Avatar’ Neyrtiti First Glimpse

Posted by Brian on 07/27/2009

AvatarSource: Official Site

We’re clearly rolling into the start of a large marketing push. Here’s a glimpse at Zoe Saldana’s character in the upcoming James Cameron epic, Avatar. This will most likely be another poster to follow the one of Sam Worthington’s avatar. Hopefully, this is the start of a series as I’d love to see Sigourney Weaver’s avatar next, or perhaps a poster for each creature on Pandora or the locations themselves. GODDAMNIT I NEED TO SEE THIS NOW!



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Avatar Day Is August 21st!

Posted by Brian on 07/24/2009

avatarsdccpanel1Source: First Showing

I’m excited. At the very least the rest of this year, and next year especially will erase the horrid memory that was Summer Blockbusters 09. Sigourney Weaver stated at Comic-Con that the reason James Cameron was such a great director was because no one cares more than he does. From what I gather that appears to be true as his passion for this film is oozing and seething through every laborious conversation about the story, the technology, the moon Pandora (it’s not a planet, though it resembles one), the years and years it took to get to this moment.

Well, just to prove how commited Cameron is to making sure your asses are rightly sitting in IMAX seats he has partnered with the theater to bring the public 15 MINUTES of footage in 3D absolutely free. If you can’t make it or can’t find an IMAX in your area, don’t worry because on the same day the trailer for Avatar will drop in all formats so you can just download it in HD.

AVATAR opens in theaters everywhere December 18, 2009. Note: Above artwork altered by me.

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First Look: Na’vi From ‘Avatar’

Posted by Brian on 07/01/2009

Source:  Coming Soon

I am FREAKING OUT about this movie right now! Goddamn immersive scriptment. James Cameron should write novels; but anyway Avatar is coming to Comic-Con, if you didn’t already know, and in anticipation of it’s arrival in Hall-H in just a few short weeks a banner has gone up promoting James Cameron’s arrival at the convention. As far as I know, this is the first official shot of a Na’vi and while it isn’t much notice the insane amount of detail in the  subtle features. that bring her skin to life.

Note: I commented on the following picture at a website, and was subsequently lambasted by posters for being “over-enthused” over effects that are simply as “good” as WETA’s previous creation, Gollum, to which I say FUCK THAT.

Avatar Comic-Con Banner
Avatar Comic-Con Banner

“Let’s take a second and absorb what we’re seeing here. That’s a Na’vi creature. That’s a WETA creation. That is not a woman in makeup and prosthetics, and it is fleeting to say that it’s as good as a  six year old film. WETA has grown since then, and since King Kong. And while all of you are bitching about whether or not this is the final poster or what font they’re using, none of you are taking the time to appreciate what you’re seeing. That’s a completely digital creation.  Look at the creases in the skin, the dimples and wrinkles across the lip, the folds and contours of the eyelid, that wet gloss over her eyes that are distinctly human. It’s so easy to say it’s only okay, because it’s such a subtle effect. Such an incredible achievement, Rob Zemeckis will shit his pants come December. This isn’t just “good”, this is remarkable.”

So yes, I shit my geek pants. But I’m pretty sure you will too.

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Concept Art: ‘Avatar’ [UPDATED!]

Posted by Brian on 06/23/2009

James Cameron and Sam WorthingtonSource: MarketSaw

UPDATE: I want to point you all in the direction of a first hand impression of the James Cameron footage that was screened. What he’s describing is what it felt like to read the decade old scriptment. This is ten years on with WETA Digital at James Cameron’s disposal, so we’re well beyond ‘excitement’ at this point.

The audience afterwards was stunned. Everyone just gasped, wondered and just couldnt believe what they saw. [Cameron] is so proud of this movie and still handles it with great suave like he just folded a paper plane. I am just mindbaffled how a genius like that can contain himself with something like this.

This movie will change the industry. It can now enable me to play a character in a studio, then to be transferred into something different on screen so an audience will believe I am that different character. This is not the Polar Express style ‘change of character’. This will enable actors to act without them being cast on looks, but on bodylanguage from now on. [Source]


Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, James Cameron along with cast-members Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Lang debuted 24 MINUTES OF FOOTAGE (!) from Avatar. While the general consensus has been “Holy shit, my eyes!” and sustained applause, people are using phrases like “stunning, literally jawdropping. Amazing visuals unlike any before seen, with incredible detail.” The footage was premiered at CineExpo in Amsterdam and while practically everyone was sworn to secrecy, a couple of shots of Avatar concept art from the after-party have shown up online.

We’ve seen concept art before but this, to my knowledge, is the latest to give us an honest-to-god look at what James Cameron is trying to create. The last time I was seriously blown away by special effects, and I’m talking jaw on the floor, was Termintator 2: Judgement Day when the T-1000 walked out of those flames, and morphed back into Robert Patrick. From that moment forward, I needed to know how every special effect was done. I don’t know if it’ll be at all the same, but: This. Looks. Friggin. Gorgeous. Decemember can’t get here soon enough.

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Tidbits: June 23, 2009

Posted by Brian on 06/23/2009

Callum BlueBlood Simple
Zhang Yimou has started shooting a remake of the Coen brothers’ debut, Blood Simple. San Qiang Pai An Jing Qi (“The Stunning Case Of The Three Gun Shots“) recently began production. Details on the remake are being kept under wraps, but the thriller-comedy stars Chinese actor Sun Honglei, comedian Xiao Shenyang and actress Yan Ni. Blood Simple was about a Texas bar owner who hires a private detective to kill his wife and her lover. The 1984 movie starring Frances McDormand won the Grand Jury Prize for best film at the United States Film Festival — the predecessor to the Sundance Film Festival — helping establish Joel and Ethan Coen’s reputations. [Source: THR]

Cher is set to return to the screen for the first time in more than a decade in a contemporary musical for Screen Gems. Christina Aguilera will play an ambitious small-town Iowa girl with a big voice who comes of age in a neo-burlesque club on Sunset Boulevard that’s run by Tess (Cher), a former dancer who struggles to keep the club open and gives the young girl a chance to shine. “She brings a soulfulness and gravitas to this character that will ground the story,” Chris Culpepper, president of Screen Gems said. “The only person who was more excited than I am is Christina.” Steven Antin will direct from a script he wrote that was revised by Susannah Grant (Erin Brokovich, The Soloist). [Source: Variety]

Kevin Lima (Enchanted) has been tapped to direct romantic comedy Frank, a reimagining of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein story. The film centers on a teenage prodigy who’s on the cutting edge of cell research in medical school and is encouraged by her guidance counselor to take a break from the lab and make some friends. After several unsuccessful attempts at socializing with her peers, she decides to use her scientific prowess and piece together a friend out of the med school’s instructional cadavers. The project is currently out to writers. Lima is also working on a remake of  The Incredible Mr. Limpet. [Source: Variety]

Ghostbusters 3
Sigourney Weaver confirms that she will not be in Ghostbusters 3. “No, I don’t expect to have anything to do with it, although I wish them well. I just did a benefit with Bill and we love working together, but I think they’re trying to create something new completely with the Ghostbusters. “I hope my little son Oscar [from Ghostbusters II] is a Ghostbuster!” [Source: Digital Spy]

British actor Callum Blue (Dead Like Me, Rome) has joined the cast of Smallville, portraying General Zod in a role previously made famous by Terrence Stamp. Supervillain General Zod from the DC Comics books was introduced in 1980 feature “Superman II.” [Source: THR]

The Special Relationship
Peter Morgan has pulled out as director of the HBO Films/BBC Films movie The Special Relationship. Richard Loncraine has come on board to direct the project, written by Morgan, who will remain “integrally involved in every aspect of the production” in his role as a writer/executive producer. The cast, crew and filming schedule for “Special Relationship,” which has been greenlighted for production, remain intact. Dennis Quaid is on board to play President Clinton, Michael Sheen as Prime Minister Blair, Julianne Moore as Hillary Clinton and Helen McCrory as Cherie Blair. [Source: THR]

The Testament
After a decade of saying no, John Grisham has made a movie deal for his 1999 bestselling novel about a billionaire defies his greedy relatives and leaves his $11 billion fortune to a mysterious illegitimate daughter doing charity work in the Brazilian wetlands. A down-and-out lawyer helps her battle her relatives over the fortune. [Source: Variety]

Untitled Zac Efron Thriller
Zac Efron has signed to star in an untitled thriller for Mandate Pictures, which is being written by Leslie Dixon. The plot is being kept under wraps but it is described as “a sexy thriller.” Efron will act as executive producer with Mandate’s Nathan Kahane. [Source: THR]

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Cast Grows For ‘You Again’

Posted by Brian on 06/16/2009

Odette YustmanSource: THR

Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristin Chenoweth, Odette Yustman, Betty White, and Victor Garber have all joined the cast of Andy Fickman’s (Race To Witch Mountain) upcoming Disney comedy, You Again. The film finds Kristen Bell playing a woman who discovers her brother is planning to marry the girl who made her high school years a living hell and tries to convince him that his fiancee is not the nice girl she pretends to be. Curtis and Garber will play Bell’s parents, White will play her grandmother, Chenoweth plays “a wedding extraordinator”, Sigourney Weaver plays her rich Aunt Ramona, and Yustman will play the evil fiancee. You Again was scripted by Moe Jelline.

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Script Review: ‘Avatar (1998 Scriptment)’

Posted by Brian on 06/06/2009

Here’s a review of James Cameron’s AVATAR scriptment from 1998. I’ve been dodging putting it up, because I quite literally didn’t want to leave the world he’d created on the page. Safe to say, it’s pretty amazing. Click that beautiful forest for the review.


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Sigourney Weaver Cast In ‘Paul’, ‘You Again’

Posted by Brian on 06/04/2009

Sigourney_Weaver_web_journa-largeSource: Variety

Sigourney Weaver has signed on to Disney comedy You Again, and is currently in negotiations to join Greg Mottola’s alien comedy Paul. Weaver, who’s keeping her role under wraps, would shoot Paul first alongside Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Seth Rogen (who voices the title character) in the story of two guys on their way from Comic Con to Area 51 who encounter and help an escaped alien.

You Again, to be directed by Andy Fickman (Race To Witch Mountain), stars Kristin Bell as a a young woman who returns home for her brother’s wedding and is horrified to find he’s marrying her high school nemesis. Weaver will play the bride’s filthy-rich aunt.

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Sigourney Weaver Talks ‘Avatar’

Posted by Brian on 05/30/2009


Source: Hollywood Reporter

More Avatar news to whet your palette? Yes please! While it’s not exactly news or anything we didn’t already know, it is extremely interesting to hear someone talking about the film.

Sigourney Weaver spoke briefly with THR about her character, the world James Cameron has created, the technology created specifically for the film, and their close working relationship with Weta Digital.

It’s not very informative, but still intriguing to hear. As we get closer to the release date, I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about this film.

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