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‘LOST’ Viral Ads

Posted by Brian on 07/26/2009

Source: YouTube

I’m not gonna say anything about the following viral videos. If you saw the fifth season’s finale, The Incident, these clips will guide you into some pretty interesting territory. If you haven’t seen it, don’t watch them. They will only confuse you more.


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Watch The Entire SDCC Lost Panel!

Posted by Brian on 07/26/2009

LOST (inversion)Source: Youtube

LOST is absolutely my favorite show of all time. It’s critical adherence to excellence, their willingness to accept blame whenever they cut corners, and their dedication to their fanbase is above and beyond any show like it (except perhaps Buffy The Vampire Slayer). I mean, I have a Dharma tattoo for godsakes. So imagine how crestfallen and heartbroken I was not being able to attend their last year at the Con. Seriously, I’m one of those sleeping on the street all night people. So enough about me and my gushing over-praise of LOST, and onto the full panel in its entirety. Ahead of time, most of the pre-taped footage and skits are edited out of the piece, but I’ve managed to track down quite a few of them.

Present at the panel were executive producers Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof, castmembers Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, and Nestor Carbonell. It’s pretty entertaining, as always, and doesn’t touch on much of what we can expect in it’s final season. However, they did show some VERY interesting viral clips that hint at what may have happened after Juliet, pissed at losing the hottest guy on the island, hit a nuke with a very big rock several times. By the way, Juliet is confirmed to be seen in the final season as will twitchy-physicist, Daniel Farady. As are “several castmembers we haven’t seen since the first season.” Um. AWESOME!

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Five Join ‘Boy Wonder’

Posted by Brian on 06/13/2009

Caleb Steinmeyer as John Locke on 'LOST'Source: THR

Zulay Henao, Caleb Steinmeyer, James Russo, Bill Sage and Tracy Middendorf will star in the drama Boy Wonder for New York-based Boy Wonder Prods. The film is set to be written and directed by Michael Morrissey (Off the Hook). Boy Wonder follows a guy (Steinmeyer) who is looking for whoever killed his mother during a carjacking. At the same time, a string of vigilante murders in Brooklyn are being investigated by a homicide detective (Henao), who gets involved with the guy’s revenge quest. Sage and Middendorf play the guy’s parents, and Russo plays a hit man.

Steinmeyer and Middendorf were both on tv show Lost; Middendorf in the third season as Bonnie and Steinmeyer as a high school age John Locke in the fifth season. Shooting begins Monday in New York.

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