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Avatar Day Is August 21st!

Posted by Brian on 07/24/2009

avatarsdccpanel1Source: First Showing

I’m excited. At the very least the rest of this year, and next year especially will erase the horrid memory that was Summer Blockbusters 09. Sigourney Weaver stated at Comic-Con that the reason James Cameron was such a great director was because no one cares more than he does. From what I gather that appears to be true as his passion for this film is oozing and seething through every laborious conversation about the story, the technology, the moon Pandora (it’s not a planet, though it resembles one), the years and years it took to get to this moment.

Well, just to prove how commited Cameron is to making sure your asses are rightly sitting in IMAX seats he has partnered with the theater to bring the public 15 MINUTES of footage in 3D absolutely free. If you can’t make it or can’t find an IMAX in your area, don’t worry because on the same day the trailer for Avatar will drop in all formats so you can just download it in HD.

AVATAR opens in theaters everywhere December 18, 2009. Note: Above artwork altered by me.


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‘Harry Potter’ IMAX Delayed

Posted by Brian on 06/09/2009

Harry Potter And The Half Blood PrinceSource: THR

Shares of Imax dropped 4% on Monday after investors discovered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince won’t arrive at Imax theaters until two weeks after the film opens on regular screens. The two-week delay comes from Warner Bros. decision to push Potter from its originally scheduled November 2008 opening. The new July opening overlaps with Imax’s monthlong showings dedicated to Paramount’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I dunno. Harry Potter would be cool on IMAX, but I’d way rather see Transformers beat the hell out of each other on a 70ft screen. And it may not all be bad.

Harry Potter still has a 12-minute 3D Imax exclusive scene. “There will obviously be some consumers that choose to wait for the Imax version with its 3-D scenes or will choose to see it for a second time, but we no not believe this will be enough to offset the negative impact from the move,” Merriman Curhan Ford analyst Eric Wold said.

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Michael Bay Brings The Fight To IMAX!

Posted by Brian on 06/08/2009

Michael BaySource: Shoot For The Edit

Here’s an update from Michael Bay on his upcoming release IMAX release of Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen. His entire message is included below:

Hey everyone,

In Japan today. After a month and half seven days a week most days going till midnight me and my crew have just about finished Transformers. I have never seen such a level of dedication from every crew member in a movie before. Even today after the press in Japan and right before the premiere tonight, I have to sneak out to a digital house to approve the last few effect shots.

It has been a long hard road, but really fun one to travel. What you will notice that is strikingly different than Transformers 1, is the level of animation detail. The robot characters (42 in all), you really can feel empathy for them. What is also very different is the sheer scale of the movie. We have been very tight holding back much of the best imagery in commercials and trailers.

The way to see this movie is on IMAX. Never before has there been 4k rendered character animation shot on full IMAX 70 mm film. This is a first and the results are stunning. You will see Optimus Prime in a few shots where he is actually perfectly to scale on the IMAX 50 foot tall screens. For IMAX, I created a slightly longer cut with more robot fighting. Four scenes were shot on IMAX cameras so the screen will fill the full IMAX screen for these scenes.

Haters beware.

42 ROBOTS?! Even if this sucks, it will be the most amazing ILM-gasm ever created. Once again, make sure you see the film in true IMAX as opposed to those imposter theaters that have been popping up. Remember, an IMAX theater would never fit in your local theater.

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