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Trailers: ‘Cold Souls’

Posted by Brian on 06/18/2009

Cold SoulsSource: Apple

Apple has just premiered the trailer for Paul Giamatti’s upcoming film Cold Souls, written and directed by Sophia Barthes. The film also stars Emily Watson, David Straitham, Kathryn Winnick, and Lauren Ambrose. Described as a metaphysical comedy, in the film souls can be extracted and traded as commodities. Also check out this really cool poster.

Cold Souls

While agonizing over his interpretation of Uncle Vanya and paralyzed with anxiety, Giamatti stumbles upon a solution via a New Yorker article about a high-tech company promising to alleviate suffering by deep-freezing souls. He enlists their services, intending to reinstate his soul once he survives the performance. But complications ensue when a mysterious, soul-trafficking mule borrows Giamatti’s stored soul for an ambitious, but unfortunately talentless, soap-opera actress. Rendered soulless, he is left with no choice but to follow the trail back to St. Petersburg.


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