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Frank Marshall Confirms Work On ‘Indy 5’

Posted by Brian on 06/18/2009

Harrison Ford as Indiana JonesSource: Twitter

Yesterday Shia LeBeouf, in an interview with BBC News let it slip that Steven Speilberg had “cracked the story for Indy 5” which would continue the partnership that is Speilberg/LeBeouf, currently on their fourth film together. Frank Marshall confirmed today via his Twitter account that “The story for Indy 5 is progressing. It’s still in the research phase.” Ah, Twitter. Changing the world everyday.

And there you have it.

Fanboys everywhere are either crying their eyes out at the possibility of another LeBeouf co-starring Indy adventure or weeping in ecstacy at the further adventures of Indiana Jones. I’ve never seen a single Indiana Jones film all the way through, but friends of mine — and I’m talking about people who became archaeology majors because of this film — really didn’t like Crystal Skull all that much, and particulary loathed LeBeouf. Time will tell.


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