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Trailers: ‘Shorts’

Posted by Brian on 06/17/2009

Robert RodriguezSource: SciFi Wire

Say all you want about Robert Rodriguez and his Spy Kids trilogy, Sharkboy & Lavagirl, or even his newest kids film Shorts — he’s built Troublemaker Studios from the ground-up, and financed all those wacky uber-violent films you love so much off his kid movies. How many directors can honestly claim to have kids and adults go bonkers for their respective films? We all flock to Sin City and Grindhouse, but the kids, god bless ’em, they pour out in masses for these films and give Rodriguez enough to indulge his craziest ideas. Here’s both a new poster and a second trailer for the aforementioned, Shorts.


So take the hit, you’re getting Machete next year. You’re probably getting Predators next year aswell, and he’s already working on ideas for The Jetsons. And hey, the guy literally makes films FOR his kids. It’s like going out in the backyard with the video camera, except the video camera is a film crew. How can you rag on him for that? Shorts is set in the suburb of Black Falls, where all the houses look the same and everyone works for Black Box Unlimited Worldwide Industries Inc. Eleven-year-old Toe Thompson just wants to make a few friends, until a mysterious rainbow-colored rock falls from the sky, hits him in the head and changes everything: It grants wishes to anyone who holds it. It hits theaters August 21st.


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