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‘Akira’ Adaptation Dead

Posted by Brian on 06/17/2009

AkiraSource: Bloody-Disgusting

It seems that the epic adaptation of legendary anime film, Akira, is dead. Ruairi Robinson would have been making his directorial debut on the massive two-part apocalypse story that was being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Warner Bros. Pictures. BD reports that the film is “dead as a doornail” which is definitely sad news to hear.

Akira originated in 1988 as a manga and then as an animated film co-written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. The story was set in a neon-lit futuristic post-nuclear war “New Tokyo” in 2019 where a teen biker gang member is subjected to a government experiment which unleashes his latent powers. The gang’s leader must find a way to stop the ensuing swathe of destruction. The new story was to move the action to “New Manhattan,” a city rebuilt by Japanese money and was to hit theaters this summer.

With its mature themes and cutting-edge animation, the film was a milestone in anime and even animation circles, and led the way for anime making inroads into Western pop culture in the 1990s.


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