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Whedon Talks ‘Dollhouse’, ‘Buffy’

Posted by Brian on 06/12/2009

Tahmoh Penickett, Joss Whedon, and Eliza DushkuSource: PopWatch

Geek messiah, Joss Whedon, recently spoke about his preliminary plans for the second season of Dollhouse. Facts gleaned: Whedon finished Cabin In The Woods with Drew Goddard May 29th, then entered the Dollhouse writing room June 1st. They’re currently two weeks into breaking stories for season two. “We really understand the show now,” Whedon says. “We understand what works, and what didn’t work so well or what we weren’t so thrilled about. We don’t have the onus of trying to be a big hit sitting on our shoulders. We can just be ourselves. And so the stories we’re breaking are pure, and exciting, and everybody’s on-board in the room, and it’s never flowed better.”

Expect season two to be more like the second half of season one. “I’m really proud of the second half of season 1, and we’re just expanding on that in a huge way: Finding out the different things that Eliza [Dushku] can be, at the same time as extending our mythology,” Whedon says. “Really, just every meeting is like, ‘What’s the most fun we can have with this actor?’ about the whole cast. All I can say — ’cause I’m gonna be Mr. Un-Spoiler — is that we’re having a crazy amount of fun, and usually, that tends to translate onto the screen.”

Echo, who last murmured the name “Caroline”, in the finale will follow that thread into the second season. “Echo wants to find not just Caroline, but what’s going on behind everything. She doesn’t have all of the skills. [Laughs] But she does have this weird super power of becoming a different person all the time, so she might start using that more specifically to find out who Caroline was and what happened to her and why this place exists.” EW asked if Echo still had all her past imprints? “Well, they’re supposed to have wiped them out of there. But we’ll see how well that went…”

Dollhouse castmembers Alan Tudyk and Amy Acker have joined V and Happy Town, respectively, as regular cast members. So what exactly does that mean for their roles on Dollhouse? Well, since season two picks up a bit later and not right after the finale he hopes to use the castmembers sparingly. Also, Summer Glau has NOT signed on to the show. “I adore Summer and she’s phenomenal, but I have to service the cast I have first. If something comes up that’s good enough, my God, I’d hound her. But the rumors of her becoming a big part of the show are greatly exaggerated.”

Last but not least, if you were sincerely hoping Whedon would be involved in the Buffy feature/abomination being planned, well: “I believe [the producers] did ultimately reach out to my agent after the news broke,” Whedon says. “I think that’s something better left untouched by me. So, I wish them luck.”

In a poll at PopWatch, 3% said they’d go see the Buffy film. I smell bankruptcy!


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