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Pixar Making ‘Monsters Inc. 2’?

Posted by Brian on 06/08/2009

'Monsters Inc'Source: Jim Hill Media

Oh wow. Pixar was at this year’s Licensing International Expo to talk about their upcoming projects, and buyers have let slip to Jim Hill exclusively that Pixar has another sequel in the works. Which sequel you ask? I’ll give it to you straight from Jim:

“Though the buyers who attended these particular preview sessions were first sworn to secrecy by Disney officials, several immediately reached out to me afterwards to say how thrilled they were to learn that Pete Docter will be following up  Up with a sequel to Monsters, Inc.”

That’s right. Monsters Inc 2! Pixar can pretty do much whatever they want at this point, and I’d go see it. I simply can’t talk about the studio without gushing over them. They’ve announced their upcoming slate through 2012, so if Pete Docter started working right now the film would be on for 2013 at the earliest. From start to finish, it takes Pixar four years to make a feature. I’m excited at how amazing it would be after, because Docter’s grown so much as a director in the nine years since the first film was released. And what about seeing that room of doors again?! It will have been twelve years since the original, so maybe we’ll see an older Boo aswell.


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  1. ur moms a nob gobler said


  2. ur moms a nob gobler said

    gay asssss movie!!!!!!!!!!

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