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‘Blade Runner’ Webseries

Posted by Brian on 06/05/2009

bits_bladerunner.1Source: New York Times

Ridley Scott (Alien, American Gangster) announced that RSA Films, a new division of his commercials company, was working on a web-series inspired by Scott’s 1982 feature, Blade Runner. Titled Purefold, the series would consist of linked 5- to 10-minute shorts, aimed first at the Web and then perhaps television. The story will be set in distopyian Los Angeles at a point in time before 2019, when the Harrison Ford movie takes place.

I was never really into Blade Runner. I know the film bombed at theaters and has now taken on a cult status, but I just never got into it. However, if there’s one thing I loved about the film it was Ridley Scott’s direction. His dystopian future is one of only few that really stands out as an amazing work of art, like the above shot.

Ridley, Tony, and brother Luke are all developing the project along with David Bausola’s company, Ag8. Basoula isone of the creators of Where Are The Joneses?, a web sitcom which garners input about story and plot from it’s audience, and expects to do the same with Purefold. “It’s actually based on the same themes as Blade Runner. It’s the search for what it means to be human and understanding the notion of empathy. We are inspired by the film,” Bausola states.

The series won’t adhere too strictly to the film, it’s characters, or situations. Much of the material in the film was based on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, to which the Purefold creators do not own the rights.He hopes the shorts will debut later this summer.

In a stunning move, the episodes in the series will be released under a Creative Commons license, marking the first time a major Hollywood director has embraced that alternative licensing scheme. The license means fans of the series can take the episodes and remix or otherwise repurpose them, and even make their versions available commercially under the same license.


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