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Emilie De Ravin, Chris Cooper, and Pierce Brosnan ‘Remember’

Posted by Brian on 06/04/2009

emilie-de-ravin-1024x768-21947Source: Variety

Emilie De Ravin (Lost), Chris Cooper (Breach, American Beauty), and Pierce Brosnan (The Thomas Crown Affair, 007 series) are set to star in negotiations alongside Robert Pattinson in Remember Me. Lena Olin (300, Terminator: SCC) is also in negotiations to join the drama for Summit Entertainment.

The story concerns a young man (Pattinson) whose brother’s suicide has split up his parents (Brosnan and Olin) and left him sleepwalking through life. A young woman (De Ravin) who, after witnessing her mother killed before her eyes, seizes life to its fullest. Cooper is being courted to play her father.

The film is set to be directed by Allen Coulter, who previously directed 2006’s Hollywoodland.


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