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Tidbits: June 3, 2009

Posted by Brian on 06/03/2009

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Valley Girl
The director of Broadway’s Shrek The Musical has signed on to direct a musical remake of 1983’s Valley Girl. Sean Bailey and Matt Smith, who are producing, pitched MGM last summer on their fresh approach to the cult comedy about a romance that bridged the ’80s punk scene and suburban San Fernando Valley culture. Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman starred in the original. The film is part of MGM’s strategy to update their catalogue for a new generation. The first product of this effort, Fame, hits theaters Sept. 25. Remakes of Red Dawn, Robocop, Poltergeist and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are also in development there.

Fox Searchlight and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are teaming up to produce the thriller Kidnap from a script penned by Jackass camera operator, Knate Gwaltney. The film, which centers on a woman who embarks on a chase after her son is kidnapped at a local mall, captures some of the same vibe as this year’s Liam Neeson thriller, Taken. Those familiar with the script say it also bears similarities to Breakdown, Paramount’s 1997 thriller about a man who must locate his wife when she goes missing after their car breaks down in the desert. John Moore is attached to direct.

The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero
Jeff Nathanson (Rush Hour 2, Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull) has signed on to write and direct an adapation of William Kalush and Larry Sloman’s Harry Houdini biography for Summit Entertainment. The book, published in 2006, made waves at the time for insinuating that Houdini was a spy for Britain and was asked to be an adviser to Czar Nicholas II’s court in pre-revolutionary Russia. The book also portrayed the master escape artist and magician as a debunker of con artists who pretended to be spiritualists, leading to the theory that his death was caused by the spiritual movement as payback. The film hopes to take a more action/adventure route ala Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes feature.


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