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‘Up’ Easter Eggs Revealed

Posted by Brian on 06/02/2009

pixar-up-carl-fredricksen-singleSource: SlashFilm

I love Pixar. I mean, I really really love Pixar. They’re the best studio in Hollywood. They don’t just make good movies; they’re making the new Disney classics. The Lion Kings, the Aladdins, the Little Mermaids. Their films have more character and heart than most live movies and they’ve gotten effortlessly adept at not only inviting but involving you in the worlds of their stories. Their latest feature Up is no different.

A testament to both creativity and ambition, Up quite literally left me breathless. Seeing the film in 3-D doesn’t just take you along with Carl Fredrickson and Russell for the adventure of a lifetime, it makes you feel like you’re there. You believe that a house with 10,927 balloons is carrying you somewhere magical powered only by imagination. Hollywood could definitely use a little more f that.

Pixar loves to hide easter eggs in their films and Up is no less. SlashFilm has compiled an awesome list of a ton of easter eggs found in the film. So click the pink bear to find out who one of the main antagonists in Toy Story 3 might be!



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