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Gore Verbinski NOT Directing ‘Bioshock’

Posted by Brian on 06/02/2009

gore-verbinskiSource: LA Times

The LA Times is reporting that a film based on critically acclaimed videogame Bioshock might not be coming to the screen as soon as we all hoped. Gore Verbinkski, who is currently in production on animated feature Rango with Johnny Depp, talked with the paper recently about making the transition from films to videogames and his hopes to start developing videogames. Bioshock is already on hold pending budgetary concerns, but even if the film did find funding which would most likely come from overseas, Verbinski doesn’t think he’d want to spend the year plus in production shooting in another country.

This upsets for a number of reasons:

1) Bioshock is ripe for big screen adaptation. The immersive experience of playing the game will never be matched, but it would be a sight to behold. An absolutely gorgeous, dark underwater tale about a nightmare induced by ambition.

2) Gore Verbinski is a great director. The Ring is still one of the scariest films ever made and his return to horror would be championed.

3) Verbinski’s talent has been squandered and wasted on the useless pile of camp that is the Pirates Of The Carribean trilogy.

I guess we’ll see, but it’s all looking very grim right now. I honestly can’t think of anyone better to direct of Bioshock, except of course Guillermo del Toro but he’s booked until the end of the century.


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