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E3 2009: ‘Avatar The Game’

Posted by Brian on 06/02/2009

james-cameron-talkingSource: IGN / GameTrailers

James Cameron was personally on hand to talk about his partnership with UBISoft in creating the videogame adaptation of his upcoming Avatar. The game studio and Cameron worked closely in creating a videogame that not only translated the film’s visuals, but also the overall experience of the standing on the strange, alien moon Pandora.

Concept art on everything from weapons to the environment was passed between the two, with Cameron choosing things from the game for inclusion in the film or Cameron signing off on things created specifically for the game. It doesn’t adhere strictly to the film’s plotline and you can choose to be either Na’vi or a human character. From the sound of it, the game exists in the film’s universe but may not necessarily include the film’s characters or story.

IGN released a few game stills in high quality and so I’ve included them below.


As an added bonus, I’ve included James Cameron speaking at E3. Enjoy!

Avatar hits theaters December 18th, 2009.

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