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Duncan Jones To Escape ‘The Deep’

Posted by Brian on 06/02/2009

788px-Sam_Rockwell_and_Duncan_Jones_at_2009_Tribeca_MoonSource: Hollywood Reporter

Duncan Jones, acclaimed director of this year’s sci-fi feature Moon, has lined up non-fiction novel Escape From The Deep as his sophmore effort. The novel tells the story of a legendary World War II U.S. navy submarine that sank after a torpedo malfunction left the crew stranded at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Faced with drowning, nine men made it out alive after swimming the 180 feet to the surface without getting the bends.

Directing from a script by Alex Kersher, Jones says he hopes to create a “tense action movie” from the story. I haven’t seen Moon yet, but acclaim has been pretty positive across the board and I’m really excited about it. Sci-Fi has been pretty still lately, save for the likes of Battlestar Galactica, the new Star Trek, and certain aspects of Lost‘s fifth season.

Jones’ debut Moon debuts in limited cities this June.


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