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Yo Teach!

Posted by Brian on 05/30/2009

CM Capture 3

Source: NBC

Meet Mark Taylor Johnson, star of NBC‘s newest show Yo Teach! Okay, we all know that’s Jason Schwartzman so what gives? Well, Mark Taylor Johnson is the character Schwartzman plays in Judd Apatow’s upcoming film Funny People and Yo Teach! is the fictional show he stars in.

“[The fictional show] fits in somewhere between Dangerous Minds and The Cable Guy. I teach some kids that have been written off by society, but my heart’s too big to let that happen,” Schwartzman says. “I want to make sure they’re loved and treated like humans and get an education along the way.”

There are supposedly a lot of meta-films and television shows in the feature, so I’m sure we’ll see more viral clips from other projects will show up. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about a two and a half hour comedy, but at least Judd Apatow is doing and not some hacks.


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