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Tony Scott Confirms ‘Alien’ Prequel

Posted by Brian on 05/30/2009


Source: Collider

Earlier this week, Bloody-Disgusting let slips the dogs of war. They reported that Tony Scott and Ridley Scott were prepping a remake/reboot of the much-beloved first film in the Alien series, some say one of the scariest films ever made. Well, it appears those rumors are true.

Cornered by Collider making the press rounds for his new film, The Taking Of Pelham 123, Scott answered a few questions about the rumors:

Collider: 20th Century Fox is talking about remaking or redoing the original Alien. What’s going on with that?

Tony Scott: Yes, Carl Rinsch is going to do the prequel to Alien. He’s one of our directors at our company.

Collider: I’m going to be blunt about this. Fox has not been doing a great job recently with their movies.  They haven’t been an artist friendly studio. Are you guys going to have some creative control and make this a kick-ass film?

Tony: Yes! But Fox is our home. They finance our production company.

Collider: And I’m very happy that you guys have the financing. But a lot of the films they’ve been doing at the studio level, they’ve been nickel and diming and not giving fandom what they want. So I guess my question for you is…are you a little nervous about reengaging the franchise or are you excited.

Tony: I’m excited cause Ridley created the original and Carl Rinsch is one of the family.

Collider: When do you envision this film getting in front of cameras?

Tony: Hopefully the end of the year.

Collider: Will it be a summer of 2011 movie?

Tony: Honestly, I don’t know.

Props to Collider for sticking it to Tony on 20th Century Fox sucking so hard for the past few years, even moreso than usual. I’ll remain skeptical until I hear more, but I’m more open to a prequel than a straight-up remake. Carl Rinsch is a competent commercial director, but what the film really needs is a strong script. I’m hoping Ridley Scott won’t be able to resist and that he’ll be extremely hands on with this feature.

Perhaps the end of this movie should be the beginning of the first Alien, with Ripley and crew discovering the alien race. Who knows? I just don’t want another Alien movie that sucks.


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