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Jonah Hill Promises R-Rated ’21 Jump Street’

Posted by Brian on 05/28/2009

Source: Complex

Jonah Hill (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Funny People) recently made the transition from actor to screenwriter having recently sold his script for The Adventurer’s Handbook, which he penned with Max Spicer and Max Winkler, as well as his writing credit on Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming Brüno. However, it is Hill’s next project that has everyone talking. Last year, it was announced that Hill would be writing and executive producing a remake of television series 21 Jump Street which aired during the 80’s and starred Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco among others.

Obviously, when someone mentions a 21 Jump Street remake people think it’s a joke especially when word of funny-man Hill’s involvement hit. Speaking with Complex, Hill confirms that it’s anything but. “We’re not even spoofing the movie. It’s not strictly comedic, either. We’re doing a full-on action movie, blowing shit up.” The original series was a crime drama about an elite squad of young undercover cops. “[Sony execs said] they were gonna let me make my kind of movie—an R-rated, insane, Bad-Boys-meets-John Hughes-type movie—and I told them the second they don’t, I’m not gonna be involved anymore.”

Um, wow? The only reason I’d ever even want to watch the old episodes of 21 Jump Street are for giddy nostalgia. No Johnny Depp, no Richard Grieco, no Holly Robinson Peete? This has the makings of being the next Mod Squad, but I’d like to give Hill the benefit of the doubt. His writing is something he apparently takes very seriously and with Seth Rogen successfully writing and starring in his own films, this is most likely just the beginning for Jonah Hill.


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